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Gel Wax
Gel Wax

Candle Gel


Hair Gel

Lip Gloss

Gel Wax: Gel Wax is also known as jelly wax. It has a unique property of transparency.

Types of Gel Wax:
1.        Low Density Type Gel Wax    (Soft)
2.        Medium Density Type Gel Wax (Medium)
3.        High Density Type Gel Wax (Hard)

Uses of Gel Wax in Different Industries:

Gel Wax for Candles:  Gel Wax is used in candle making supplies. Gel Wax is most popular in Candle Industry because of more burning time than the other waxes like traditional Vegetable Wax and Paraffin Wax. It is used in Candles for different types of varieties like Votive, Filler Candles, Floating Candles.

Gel Wax for Pharmaceuticals:
  It is used as an Ultra Sound Gel and ECG Gel and many other applications.

Cosmetics:  It is a different grade of gel it is also being called as a styling gel .   Hair Gel is an Hair Product.

Lip Gloss:
It is also the different type of Gel which is used in gloss or shining to the lips.