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Micro Crystalline Wax
Micro Crystalline Wax
Microcrystalline waxes are a type of wax produced by de-oiling petrolatum, as part of the petroleum refining process. In contrast to the more familiar paraffin wax which contains mostly unbranched alkanes, microcrystalline wax contains a higher percentage of isoparaffinic (branched) hydrocarbons and naphthenic hydrocarbons. It is characterized by the fineness of its crystals in contrast to the larger crystal of paraffin wax

�?Hard Micro crystalline Wax                   •�?strong>Soft Yellow
a.HI-MI 1080                                                  a. Spain - 2305  
b. Micro Wax 500

�?Soft White
a. INDIAN Oil Corporation
b. Shell LMP
c. Witco W-445   
d. Micro Wax 1000

Microcrystalline wax is often used in industries such as the tire and rubber, candles, adhesives, corrugated board, cosmetics, castings, and a host of others.