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Shellac Wax
Shellac Wax
Shellac Wax

SHELLAC WAX is obtain from the crude shellac which only contain 4 to 6 % of Shellac Wax . It is obtain by the process of alcoholic solution of Shellac. The composition of deracinated of shellac wax has been reported as Ester, Alcohols , Hydrocarbon and Lac Resin. It is left over from de waxing shellac.

Properties : It consist of shining properties it is tough and hard

Shellac Wax is used in Applications:

1. Fruit Coating.
2. Pharmaceuticals in Tablet Coating like Vitamin and pills.
3. Emulsions.
4. Polishes for Making the Layer.
5. Cosmetics.
6. Coat on Wood industry and many other industries.